Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gong hei fat choi ! Happy Lunar New Year!!

Each year I spend the time between Jan 1 and Lunar New Year to decide my goals or what I would like to accomplish the following year. This year is no exception. Without further adieu ,here are my reflections and what i would like to accomplish.

First and foremost Spending more time with Jak whether it be date nights and a little weekend get way. Last year we went away for a weekend to Traverse City. The trip was our second vacation alone ever. It was great trip for us to spend time together.

Task for the house

Since we moved into the house, we have talked about getting rid of the all the carpeting in the house. This year , I hope that we can make it happen. We just have three rooms left.

Stress Reduction
I have concluded that one way that handle stress is that i go shopping. I need to find different ways to deal with the stress in my life.

In the last few months , I have found BookBub , i website that enable me to get books at a discount. I am exploring new authors.  I am continue to reread some old favorites. It definitely helps on nights that i can't sleep.


I have come to the conclusion that I NEED to stop hording my crafting supplies. For me I love to shop for supplies without a project in mind. This year i am going to try really hard to use up my scrapbooking and knitting stash.  If anyone knows me, I have great scrapbooking stash . It kind of helps that I am a Close to my Heart Consultant. I have been a consultant for 7 years.

This year I am hoping to finish some OLD WIP ( Works in Progress).

I am starting my third year of Project Life. I have a little confession. I have not completed a single page. As far as I have gotten is , printing the pictures and sticking them in the page protector for the corresponding pages. THIS year, I will get my 2013 albums done.  I started my 2014 album but i am not sure how i will document our memories in 2014.

For knitting, I have decide that I am going to not buy any yarn for 365 days. I am just going to knit from my stash or give away some of my yarn. I am not setting any knitting goals but i would like to knit a pair fo finger-less mits.

New Crafts

Many years ago, I did some cross stitch. Like most for my project, I started but never finished it. This year I decide to pick it up again when I saw how cute the designs from Once Upon A Time Sampler from  (The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I am challenging myself by stitching on linen instead of Aida.  YouTube has been a great resource to learn how to do things. I have watched several  videos on cross stitching.I have been posted my weekly status on Instagram ,

I even restated another cross stitch project called  Golden Gate Avenue. This was a kit that i worked on in 2003-2004( I think). After stitching on Linen, Aida is so easy. It is much easier than in year's past.

I have always wanted to do a no-sew blanket. I just couldn't find a kits that i liked. I finally found one. I can 't wait to start this.

My goals is use my blog and instagram to show my progress to hold myself accountable and finally finish some projects. I am hoping to get lots of blog post this year.